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"I needed to inhale the aroma of Christ so that I could exhale peace and joy in Him. That's what I found at The Trails Church, and I hope our church can continue to be that for every sheep that needs a home."

"Because our God is a beautiful, glorious, and powerful redeemer, we must expect Him to shape us through His Word. The Trails helped me love the Word again by showing me its value and its purpose while treating it rightly with reverence and honor. My prayer is that we may keep doing the same as we lead others to Him."

"Through leaving, finding a new place to belong, and overcoming the obstacles to find that belonging, I fell more in love with the broader Church and the local body of believers known as The Trails Church."

"The Trails Church serves our families well because it invites everyone in the family to see the beauty of what we treasure: Christ Himself. Rather than merely watching or entertaining kids, The Trails is one of those churches that supports parents in discipling them."

"I love Jesus Christ because I got to know him. And I came to know Him through His people sharing His Word with me."

Beth Godi shares how Paul Tripp's book is helping her model the grace of Christ to her family, and not rely so much on the Law to do what it cannot do.

Tami Burnett shares how Paul Tripp's book has helped her focus on the heart, rather than settling for moralistic success.

Andy Hagg shares how Paul Tripp's book on parenting has helped him reflect on being a mercy-full parent.

Most of our days are full of reading and writing emails, social media posts, and text messages, but when's the last time you thought of writing as a way to make disciples? The Bible and church history show that God has ordained writing as an important ministry tool, and I think it’s time for the local church to reclaim this tool for the sake of the gospel.