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In our Praying the Psalms blog series, we'll use the summer to model how to pray the Bible. Follow along each week as we post a devotional prayer based on the Psalm from Sunday's sermon. Additionally, we'll include a prayer to pray with your kids that will help teach them how to pray the Bible. We hope this will be a sweet aid to your prayer life! For more information about praying the Bible consider reading Don Whitney's book Praying the Bible.

Praying Psalm 31 Personally

Father, you are my safety. You are strong, and you use your strength to help me. I come to you; please keep my soul safe. As I trust in you today, may the whole world see that you are faithful! Please hear my prayer and help me. You know everything that I need, and most importantly, I confess how desperately I need you. I need you to be my security, strength, and my hope. Please help me to rest in you today. 

You have cared for me in the past in order to display your greatness to the world. Thank you! Thank you for letting my life be a means of displaying your greatness! You have blessed and helped me in the past, and I trust you will never forsake me. I put my life in your hands. Please glorify yourself through me. Do this by helping me trust Christ more today!  

Help me, Father, for you know that there are things in my life that hurt me. You know what they are; you see my needs and know my pains. You know I have an enemy who seeks to plague me with doubts, lies, and fears, but I know that you will keep me safe. You are my God, and I trust in you. You safely govern every aspect of my life. Today, my life is in your hand, each hour, minute, and second. All that happens is governed by you, for my good and your glory. You used your sovereignty to ordain the cross of my King so that I might be reconciled to you. Continue to use all things to help me treasure you more today!

You work for those who take refuge in you. What an excellent thought! You come to my aid; you help me; you leverage your strength to help my weakness. Oh, how wonderful you are to your people! Thank you for hearing me because of the blood of Christ. Thank you for sending your Son so that I might never be cut off from you. You will preserve us, and so I trust in you today. 

Into your hands, I commit my spirit. Because of Christ, I know that you are for me. You have proved it, and I praise you! You are faithful, and in every step, today, help me trust you so that your name might be glorified. Help me to believe and live like my times are in your hands. Help my heart rest in you, knowing that your hands are governing things for my good.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Praying Psalm 31 with Kids

Father, we know that our lives are under your complete and good control. You care about every part of our life, so we come to you and ask for help. You love to help your people, and so today, would you please help us love you more than anything else. Help us trust in your Son and display His love to others. When we are sad, mad, or hurt today, help us cry out to you, knowing that you're in control of those moments. Help us see that you're using these to help us come to you and love you more. We love you. Please help our hearts to trust you today.

 In Jesus' name, amen.