Trails Kids Team

Team Leader: Amy Newton

As part of Family Ministry, Trails Kids partners with families by pointing them to the gospel, equipping parents to make disciples in their homes, and supporting them as they carry out the mission of God.

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What to Expect

Our team disciples children from infants to 4th Grade during the Sunday worship services each week. You can expect to help in a variety of ways including:
* pray together as a team before the service and discuss logistics
* set up and tear down materials, signage, crafts, and snacks
* make meaningful connections with children and their families
*prepare curriculum and supplies needed for Sunday lessons



New Guest Host: welcomes new families into Trails Kids with a friendly demeanor, genuine smile, and thoughtful questions that will ensure that new parents and littles feel welcome and secure on their first Sunday with us.

Resource Assistant: helps prepare curriculum for Sunday mornings by making copies and performing other tasks during the week.

Resource Coordinator: communicates with volunteers on curriculum preparation needs and acts as a liaison to the Trails Kids leadership team.

Lead Teacher: facilitates their small group activities and provides leadership to the assistants and children in their group.

Assistant Teacher: assists the Lead Teacher by interacting with the children with enthusiasm and helping to facilitate the group.

Large Group Leader: leads large group worship (children ranging from ages 3-4th grade) through singing, talking through the week’s lesson, and sharing memory verses and big picture questions, giving our children a picture of corporate worship and preparing them to go into their classroom for discussion/activities related to the Bible lesson.

Service Coordinator: assists the Lead Teachers and Assistant Teachers by ensuring their classes are properly staffed, that the physical needs of the classroom are set up, and ultimately that the service runs smoothly. They are the “go to” person during the service and communicate directly with the Director if needs arise.

Curriculum Coordinator: reads through the Gospel Project curriculum for preschool and curates the most valuable text and resources for our Trails lesson plans. They provide easy-to-understand content for teachers and assistants to prepare and they help grow our children’s understanding of basic biblical content.

Planning Coordinator: collaborates with the director and a team of other planning coordinators on ministry needs while demonstrating strong, Gospel-centered servant leadership. They serve regularly in Trails Kids, coordinate special events, and attend monthly planning meetings.

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