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Community Groups


Designed for Community

God has designed us to live in community, both with Him and the other people in your life. As we seek to make disciples through the gospel, in community, and on mission, we also want to help disciples learn how to live in redemptive, gospel-oriented community. Community groups are one of the main ways we see this happen at The Trails Church! We've designed our Community Groups to shape people with the gospel, care for others in Christian community, and equip people to fulfill the mission of the church, and we hope you'll join a group and experience the sweet fruit of Christian friendship!

What Are Groups Like? 

Our groups feature men and women who commit to shaping one another, caring for each other, and equipping others to be faithful where the Lord has placed them. Groups are led by qualified married couples who can provide skillful spiritual leadership. We ask group leaders to model discipleship, love their group members, and lead group cultures that will help people flourish. Similarly, we ask group members to be devoted to God and His Word and one another. As the group works together in friendship, unity, and gospel-compelled love, we believe that groups will grow in health and their ability to minister to each other. 

Groups meet regularly (often weekly) in various neighborhoods throughout our community. Typically, groups will spend time shaping each other by discussing the sermon, caring for each other by talking about life and providing biblical care and counsel, and equip each other by spurring one another toward greater worship and trust in Christ. To see a list of our current Community Groups, click here.

How Do I Join a Community Group? 

We have designed a simple, personal, and intentional process for helping you join a Community Group. To join a group or learn more, simply follow these steps: 

1) Complete Our Join a Community Group Form. By completing this form, you'll help us understand what you need in a group and when you're available to meet. 

2) Schedule your Community Group Consultation. After you complete the form, you'll receive a calendar link that will invite you to schedule a meeting with our Director of Discipleship to discuss joining a Community Group. At this meeting, you'll learn more about our groups' philosophy and culture, discuss what you're looking for and what groups are available, and at the end of the meeting, we'll place you in a group and connect you with your new leaders!