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Family Worship Services this Summer

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As many of you know, one of the ministry rhythms at The Trails is to include our children (K-4th grade) in our large group worship services during the summer months. We believe there are several benefits of having summer family worship services not only for your children, but also for families as a whole. We pray that these coming months will be a time of growth and intentionality for you and the young disciples in each of your homes.

      1. Family Ministries Mission: The mission of Family Ministries at The Trails is to partner with families by pointing them to the gospel, equipping them to make disciples in their homes, and supporting them as they carry out the mission of God.

        Including our K-4th graders in our worship service aligns with our mission by helping our children see what passionate teaching, worship, and pursuit of Jesus looks like in the life of the adults in the church. It also allows for our children to see how we love one another (John 13:35), how we strive for holiness together, how the Scriptures challenge us, and how God continues to amaze us. As these things take place on Sunday mornings in the presence of your children, our hope is that it would equip you to continue conversations with them throughout the week about what the Lord is doing in your heart as well as theirs.

      2. Summer Psalms: For many families, schedules are synced with that of the school system. Many families will choose the hot summer months while kids are out of school to enjoy time together, seeking a reprieve from the Texas heat, and venturing to cooler climates on vacation. Other families will take advantage of their children being out of school by allowing their kids the opportunity to share the gospel and build new relationships away from home on mission trips, at various summer camps, and at other extracurricular camps. As a church, we recognize the importance of this needed break from the rigor and routines of the school year, and in turn take our own break from our regular “curriculum” (sermon series), spending our summers learning together from the Psalms. Each of the Psalms contains a great deal of content and gospel truth and therefore are preached as stand-alone sermons with clear applications for adults and children alike.

      3. Servant Leaders: Including your children in the large worship gathering during the summer also gives our faithful, weekly Trails Kids volunteers a chance to recharge their own spiritual batteries. We have an amazing group of men and women who serve our families in Trails Kids, not by babysitting them, but rather by teaching, training, and pouring out gospel truths every Sunday during the school year. This break allows them the opportunity to spend more time with their own families and a chance to focus on their own hearts and personal relationship with the Lord so that they might be at their best come promotion Sunday (August 14th).

Our hope and prayer this summer is that our worship services would create for your family more time together focusing on the gospel and growing in your love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, not just on Sundays but all throughout your week.

I can’t wait to see you and your children in service this summer!!!

Gabe Boyd
Director of Family Ministries
The Trails Church