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During this time of worldwide crisis, people are on their phones and devices daily, dealing with fear, anxiety, and uncertain futures… and searching for hope. What if our social media feeds were filled with story after story of people whose lives have been forever changed by the good news of Jesus Christ?

In this week leading up to Easter, The Gospel Coalition has published a campaign for believers to share stories of how #JesusChangedMyLife, and we would love for our Trails Church family to participate. This is a unique opportunity to join together with fellow Christians in bringing the good news of the gospel to a generation desperate for purpose and hope.

Share Your Story

How do you participate?

  1. Create a one- to two-minute video of how Jesus changed your life (or if you prefer not to post a video, you can create a written post).
  2. Share your post on social media, including the hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife and tag our church’s social media handle (e.g. #JesusChangedMyLife @TheTrailsChurch).
  3. Invite your friends to our online Easter Service in the text of your social media post (e.g. Join me online for The Trails Church's Easter Service this Sunday, April 12 at 10am via Facebook livestream).

We would love to one day compile these testimonies into a single video for our church, so if you could video your testimony in landscape (horizontal) mode and email it to av@thetrails.org, that would be great.

We hope that believers across the world would be mutually encouraged by these testimonies of faith and that these stories would advance the gospel and bring revival to this generation. We can’t wait to hear stories of how Jesus changed your life!

For helpful tips on how to tell your story, please visit The Gospel Coalition's article.