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Taste and See That the Lord is Good: A Prayer from Psalm 34

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In our Praying the Psalms blog series, we'll use the summer to model how to pray the Bible. Follow along each week as we post a devotional prayer based on the Psalm from Sunday's sermon. Additionally, we'll include a prayer to pray with your kids that will help teach them how to pray the Bible. We hope this will be a sweet aid to your prayer life! For more information about praying the Bible consider reading Don Whitney's book Praying the Bible.

Praying Psalm 34

Father, you are great! May all of your people rejoice in you today! May all your people join me in declaring how good you are to your people. Thank you for being so kind to me!

You hear your people when they cry to you. This psalm is proof of that. There are so many moments when I’m afraid. Afraid of the future. Afraid of the past. Afraid of things without. Afraid of things within. And yet, when I come to you, you comfort me because you are my security. When I seek you, I find you. When I cry to you, you hear me, and you take care of me. There has never been a day when you have forsaken me. You care for your people, and we lack nothing because we have you.

Today, help me to walk in holiness. Keep my tongue from hurting others. Instead, help me to praise you and help others. Let me speak the truth in love. Let me herald the hope of the gospel to those I interact with. Keep me from temptation and help me to turn away from evil. Help me to pursue the opportunities to do good that you’ve placed in my life. Help me pursue peace in my relationships and the places I go.

Your word says that we will suffer. Your Son suffered for me, so I rejoice in my sufferings! You say that suffering produces character and endurance, so I thank you for the afflictions that await me. Help me to think rightly as I face trouble today. Help me not to be discouraged or go into despair. Instead, help me cry to you because I know you hear me. This psalm shows me that you hear the prayers of your people, and you will help us. So, give me grace to trust in you in my moment of need. Protect me in all that I do so that I might not dishonor you. Help me bring you glory in all things, and keep me from stumbling.

When I am brought low, when I am discouraged, when I am afraid, you draw near. When I feel weak, you draw near. You are near to me when my heart is breaking; when my spirit is crushed, you do not stand at a distance. You come, and you help me, by your Spirit and through your Word. You’ve demonstrated this by sending your Son to save me when I was broken in sin and crushed in condemnation. Today, help me to keep trusting you. Help me know and believe that you draw near to me in my weakness so that I might call out to you for help. Help me to taste and see that you are good.

In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Praying Psalm 34 with Kids

Father, you are greater than anyone, or anything, ever! You hear our prayers and help your people. Thank you! Today, help me to love you more than anything else. Help me to see how good you are through the Bible. Help me to cry out to you when I’m in need, and help me to know that you hear me. Help me rest in your love, and help me see that you love to help those who are sad. Help me in all that I face today, and help me to trust Jesus.

In Jesus’ name, amen