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The Joy of Gospel Advancement

October 21, 2018 Speaker: Matt Boswell Series: Established in Joy: A Study of Philippians

Passage: Philippians 1:12–18

The Apostle Paul played a unique role in the gospel advancing. Specifically Christ had called him to be a missionary to the Gentiles: those who were not of Jewish background. This understanding of his purpose and mission was so strong that it gave Paul deep joy in the midst of all circumstances. (See 2 Cor. 11:23-29) One of the reasons Paul is writing this letter to the Philippians is to encourage the church by letting them know what God is doing in and through him. They had been investing in his ministry financially and in prayer, wanting to see the gospel spread around the world. Paul’s letter assures them that he is alive, and even though he is in prison, the work is moving forward.

In Philippians 1:12-18 we see how the gospel is advancing in three supernaturally natural ways: through the testimony of Christian living, through the practice of personal evangelism, and through the preaching of Christ. We are assured in this text that even in opposition is great opportunity. Though we read this letter two thousand years later, the same patterns are at work in us: through the witness our lives, through our personal evangelism, and through the preaching of the word, the good news of Jesus will advance.


  1. In what ways is the gospel advancing in and through your life? 
  2. Who is it that God has placed in your life that does not yet trust in Christ for their salvation? Who is it that you need to speak to with boldness, and without fear about the hope you have been given in Jesus, and how they might receive it also?
  3. How can we keep our motives pure in seeing Christ proclaimed through our lives and our church?


Pray for the gospel to advance in our lives and through our lives as we seek to make Christ known.


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