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Established in Joy

April 7, 2019 Speaker: Matt Boswell Series: Established in Joy: A Study of Philippians

Passage: Philippians 4:21–23

The Philippians would need the joy of Christ at the very center of their lives if they were to continue to progress as a local church. They would need a strong understanding of Christian fellowship and the humility that it requires. They would also need to see how critical the mission was to make disciples who would know and grow in Christ for the glory of God.

Ten years have passed since this church was first planted as Paul writes his letter. Things have gone well and the church is healthy, but there are many things that they would have to face together: persecution from the government, false gospels, the propensity for divisions within the church. So, Paul writes.

In Philippians 4:21-23, we explore the final thoughts Paul has on his mind as he concludes his letter. We have done a deep dive over the last twenty-six Sundays exploring, learning, sharing, and worshiping Christ in his word.

Today we will take an aerial view as we look at these last verses, and revisit some of the places and things we have seen along the way and make some final applications. Our sermon is entitled “Established in Joy”, and our text will highlight three things that we will need to continue to grow in Christ as a church family. 1. Joy is Found in Christ, 2. Joy Grows in the Church, and 3. Joy Multiplies in the Mission of God.


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