March 24, 2019

Christ is Enough

Speaker: Matt Boswell Series: Established in Joy: A Study of Philippians Topic: Contentment Passage: Philippians 4:10–13

At this point in the book of Philippians, Paul has completed his theological teaching. He has prayed for, encouraged, taught, and warned his friends – wanting them to know God, walk in humility and joy, and stand together in the faith. And now as Paul concludes his letter, we find an extended word of thanksgiving as he praises God and thanks the church for partnering with him in the gospel financially. Martyn Lloyd-Jones points out, “It takes him ten verses to “say thank you.” You often find him dealing with a mighty doctrine in a verse, or two, but when it comes to just thanking the members of the church at Philippi, for their goodness and kindness, it takes him ten verses.”[1]And in this “thank you” section of the letter, even though the instruction is done, we are not done learning. The model of Paul as we think about contentment is vital. So, we are still looking at the Scriptures as students - and also as worshipers.

In Philippians 4:10-13 we will find the heart of Christian contentment – a contentment found in Christ than can endure all things. A contentment that is not thin and unable to hold the highs and lows of life, but a contentment that is thick– built on knowing and treasuring God. What we see in the life of Paul is an example of Christian contentment – or in other words, it’s as if Paul’s life looks us right in the eyes and says: Christ is Enough. Like our call to worship, in our text we are invited to come and 1. Realize Gospel Joy, 2. Experience Gospel Contentment, and 3. Have Gospel Confidence.


[1]Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Life of Peace, 202.

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