December 16, 2018

The King's Cross

Speaker: Matt Boswell Series: The Humble King Topic: Christ, The Cross Passage: Philippians 2:8

As we continue to move through Paul’s beautiful song of Christ, we learn more and more of who he is. While our passage began with Christ eternally existing with God, we saw him count equality with God not a thing to be grasped, but in love humbled himself by becoming a man. Philippians 2:8 shows us just how far Christ condescended - to the lowest and darkest of depths – even to the depth of death on a cross. This plummeting love was all in order to bring salvation to his people.

Our text today spotlights the death of Christ Jesus. The true message of Christmas is that God has come to rescue us from sin. We hear this echoed even the name given to Christ at his birth. The name Jesus means the one who rescues. We will highlight three things about the work of Christ’s atoning death. First, the depth of Christ’s humility. Second, the perfection of Christ’s obedience, and finally, the reason of Christ’s death. The good news of Christmas is that for unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given; a lamb who would take away the sins of the world. 

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