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The King's Cradle

December 9, 2018 Speaker: Matt Boswell Series: The Humble King

Topic: Christ Passage: Philippians 2:7

If we are going to understand the story of Christmas biblically, we must understand the identity of Christ Jesus and also understand the reason he was born. Philippians 2:7 tells us that the eternal Son of God stepped into our humanity. This passage contains one of the greatest and stunning realities of our faith – God became man. If God and sinner would be reconciled, it would require that God do all of the work on our behalf. So in love, Christ humbled himself to rescue us by doing the unthinkable – the uncreated one would become created in the work of the incarnation. The word incarnation means ‘taking on flesh’, and this is exactly what the eternal Son of God, Christ Jesus did for us.

This song tucked in Paul’s letter to the Philippians is not here by accident. It is here to help us see the glory of God in the face of Christ, and grow in humility and joy. Paul is writing that we would experience the joy that is ours in Christ Jesus, and if we are going to be a people of that deep-seated, ever-growing, carry-us-through-darkest-valley joy, then we cannot stop looking at Jesus. The more we do, the more our lives will be centered on and shaped by Christ. And this kind of living, this is exactly why he came. Christ would lower himself to become a man so that he could lift men to be with Christ. 


  1. When is the last time your heart marveled when you thought of Christ?
  2. How should we think about Christ being fully God and fully man?
  3. How can the example of Christ lead us to greater humility and service?


Pray that we would be a church who marvels at the person and work of Jesus. 

Pray that our marriages, parenting, careers, friendships would be marked with Christ-dependent humility.

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