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To Live is Christ

October 28, 2018 Speaker: Matt Boswell Series: Established in Joy: A Study of Philippians

Passage: Philippians 1:19–26

Philippians 1:18-26 shows us what it is to live a Christ-centered life. It even goes one step further and shows us what it is to die a Christ-centered death. With joy in his heart, and unshakable confidence in the unknown (but good) plan of God, Paul opens his heart to his readers expressing how he treasures Christ more than anything this world has to offer. Paul is living to know Christ and make him known. He places at the center of his ambitions, goals, and dreams the glory of Jesus. As Paul exemplifies the Christ-centered life, he encourages us as well - to progress in our joy and our faith in Christ. 

Our text contains one of the most simple, and beautiful, and compelling statements in the entire New Testament: To Live is Christ. With the aim of living in and for Christ we will see this passage call us to live in the joy of our salvation, to live for the honor of Christ, and live to see others progress in their faith. As missionary C.T. Studd once wrote in a poem, “only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”



  1. To live is _______________.  What things other than Christ have you placed in that blank? What was/is the result? 
  2. How do we fight for joy in trials? (see v. 19) What else is helpful to you?
  3. If you are a Christian, how has God called you to help others progress in their faith?



Pray for one another that you might progress in faith, with ever-increasing joy, glorying in Christ.

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