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My Story

God pursued my father and mother when I was a young boy at Fellowship Bible Church North. Once they were saved, they wanted the shared experience for our whole family, teaching us about Jesus and how to be saved.

In high school, I wanted to explore other relationships rather than Christ. New, sinful relationships felt provocative and exciting, and I fell into sin and living for myself. However, I started to feel the Holy Spirit convicting me of my sin. I attempted to throw these convictions to the wind, but the continual conviction was unexplainable. I prayed that God would take me out of my sin because I was not going to do it on my own volition. A few weeks later, God broke me and I found myself walking out of my self-righteousness and away from vain pursuits.

Jesus was the name that I could not stop talking about; He was who I thought about and sought daily. Jesus showed me that I had a new relationship with Him, one that was grounded in truth and His righteousness.

Looking back, I can see God changing the trajectory of my life and that blessing is immeasurably more than I could have asked for. In addition to the gift of salvation, He also gifted me the most wonderful woman in the world, Kristin Fida. He is also allowing me to raise and disciple four children whom I dearly love.

My Hope for The Trails

My hope for The Trails is that we would worship God with all of our heart, mind, and strength to express the worth of Jesus Christ above all else.

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