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My Story

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where I was surrounded by a strong sense of family and many God-loving Christians. From a very early age, I was keenly aware of the Lord’s presence in my life. My earliest memory of God is talking to my Dad at night before bed and working through some of my deepest thoughts about the Creator. By God’s kindness, I was surrounded by many mature believers who poured into my life as a young girl. This greatly shaped how I saw God and His purpose in my life, and set the tone for how my life would continue to unfold.

In college, I discovered a depth in my relationship with God that I had not yet experienced and it was during these four years of independence that I leaned into Him in a new way. I felt His strong calling to enter into the field of teaching and so I began the lifelong journey of investing in the lives of children. I graduated and began working in a private school at the same Bible church I had grown up in. Three years into teaching, I began to feel a whisper that God was calling me into ministry and soon found myself serving in the place I feel most joy: the church. 

In 2003, I met my husband, Jeremy, and after his gentle prodding, we left the only state I had ever called home, and headed to Alabama where we later had our two daughters, Elinor and Carlin Ruth. It was not long after that we felt the Lord’s prompting for Texas and we made the move with our little family. Since 2012, we have called this state home and have loved every minute of it!

Looking back at my early years in the classroom, I can see how God began fanning the flame of teaching and investing in children through the lens of the gospel. I was equally satisfied with pointing little hearts towards the Lord as I was with encouraging and shepherding the hearts of parents. I found this to be the greatest joy and as the years continued, the Lord continued to place me in environments where I could do just that! Most recently, I transitioned from directing a local church preschool to the role of children’s director at The Trails. Since we began in 2018, I have had the greatest privilege and pleasure to serve in this capacity, watching the children of The Trails grow in their knowledge and love of and for the Lord. What a blessing it is to call The Trails my family!

My Hope for The Trails

My hope for The Trails Church is for our children and families to grow in their knowledge of God and the love He has for them. I pray that from this knowledge, they will be encouraged to live out their faith within their home and in our community for the glory of His name!

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